About Us

  • Getting a full and clear understanding of your situation is the start of our journey with you
  • Our experts normally work in pairs to advise and support you
  • It may take more than one session, but we will persevere to ensure we offer you our best support
  • By talking with your creditors we can often negotiate reasonable repayment terms for you

CDA is managed and staffed mainly by volunteers, from several local churches. We have one part-time employee. There are 13 of us in total. Some work full-time and volunteer in the evenings, some work part-time and use their days off to volunteer, some are purely volunteers. All of our team take part in training and we also have access to a wide network of specialist support agencies.

We come from a variety of backgrounds and have different careers and interests. We have people who work in caring for the elderly, insurance, law, accountancy, charity work, teaching, and architecture or are retired. We have a wide range of interests between us, including sailing, gardening, cooking, music and football. 


Crucial links with other organisations

CDA is affiliated to Community Money Advice, who provide training, technical support and a link to the wider community of money advice.

Community Money Advice

CDA is a member of National Homelessness Advice Service who aim to prevent homelessness and improve housing circumstances by enabling frontline advisers to give accurate and timely advice. We access specialist advice from them.

National Homelessness Advice Service

CDA is a member of Advice UK who are the co-ordinating body for independent advice providers in the UK.

Advice UK

CDA is a member of Surrey Welfare Rights Unit, who provide training and specialist benefits advice.

Surrey Welfare Rights Unit